A Priceless $100 Book

Eighteen years have passed since I first published I Am My Body, NOT!, and over twenty since it first came to me, so rhythmically, beautifully, and naturally. And while many copies have been sold over the years, many more were lost (roughly 6,000 copies) as part of my own life journey.

Always telling myself that the book is, in publishing parlance, an "evergreen" and always topical, I was prepared for what could be a long "discovery" cycle, because the ideas were that fundamental to every human being.

I hadn't figured it would be this long.

The passage of time and ongoing life insights revealed have made me appreciate very clearly the inestimable value of the principles that are shared in I Am My Body, NOT! The heirloom nature of the remaining stock from the original printing that are still in my possession, along with the fact that a couple of booksellers are offering "new" copies for $60-$65, have prompted me to use this remaining inventory as a special collectible gift.

We have set the price to $100, for a signed copy of these brand new, first print books, with dust jackets.

Simply include in any notes with your order, the name of the individual you'd like me to write a personal message to.

Also, look for an electronic version of I Am My Body NOT! that you can read on your tablet or smartphone.