"D2O Inhibitor" Stainless Steel Water Bottle
"D2O Inhibitor" Stainless Steel Water Bottle
"D2O Inhibitor" Stainless Steel Water Bottle
"D2O Inhibitor" Stainless Steel Water Bottle
"D2O Inhibitor" Stainless Steel Water Bottle

"D2O Inhibitor" Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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All creation begins with the intention to *realize* ~ that is ~ to make real, a certain outcome from original idea. Unless one has enriched himself with knowledge of sufficient depth ~ not of "physics" per se, but of creation, and self, the outcome to be realized, if successful, will be as complex or simple as the creator can conceive, believe, or allow (due to non-resistance).

Deuterium, or "heavy hydrogen", is a variation of hydrogen, distinguished by the presence of a neutron in addition to a proton.


A "normal" hydrogen atom has one proton and one electron.

Hydrogen atom

The molecular weight of neutron-present hydrogen atoms is correspondingly higher than "regular" hydrogen atoms. Molecules of "heavy" hydrogen atoms bound to Oxygen, are referred to as D2O, or "heavy water".

Some scientists contend that reducing the deuterium content in water produces beneficial effects. Some companies go to great lengths to extract deuterium from water, which is considered far healthier to drink.They charge dearly for this product, purchased by believers who can afford the price. 

Whether the process, or the consumer's belief and investment in both the problem and the solution is the actual cause of remedy, is the next question to be asked and answered by each. 

The D2O Inhibitor Stainless Steel Water Bottle employs very specific shapes, angles, colors, and knowledge ~ not only about water, but about human consciousness and its relationship thereto ~ to communicate an intention to the water that the bottle will hold.

The purpose of the symbology is not to "deplete" the D2O that is present, but to remind, support, exercise and reinforce the owner's intention to be unaffected by any possible ill-effects (of D2O or any other potentially adverse molecules present), and receive the full energetic and electrical benefit that water delivers.

If you feel a difference, it will be because you permitted yourself to use, and then to know your own power.

This is not a "placebo" phenomena. This is conscious creation at work. If you are convinced that this is not possible, you will be right, so save your time, energy, and money. You will continue creating the limitations that you defend. 

This is for people who are ready to expand current self-perceptions.

As to the bottle, hydrating is essential, so why not do it in style?

This perfect size stainless steel water bottle has a safe closing to keep ones bag dry, while amazing quality print makes it as appealing as practical. For travels, dance classes, or on a desk next to ones laptop - an excellent choice for every occasion. 
.: Lightweight stainless steel
.: 14 oz (0.41 l)
.: Plastic screw top
.: Comes with open and close carabiner and key chain ring